This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

Tax-Brain* used to analyze tax credits and marriage. In a recent report, Angela Rachidi from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) used Tax-Brain to analyze how changes to the maximum income threshold for receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit would affect the incomes of married couples. Link

“Demo Days” series at the Policy Simulation Library* (PSL) features OG-USA* and microdf. In the two latest PSL Demo Days, Rick Evans demonstrates OG-USA using a simulation on Compute Studio, and Max Ghenis demonstrates microdf using an example analysis on Google Colab. OG-USA Demo Day, microdf Demo Day

An open-source Pandas/NumPy-based framework for statistical analysis. A postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience from University of California, Berkeley, has open-sourced Pingouin, a statistical analysis framework in Python that is built to integrate seamlessly with Pandas and NumPy. The package allows users to compute standard statistical operations on Pandas dataframes and NumPy arrays. Link

January updates from PSL* projects. Check out the PSL newsletter for webinars, model releases, and general updates from PSL-cataloged projects. Link

* These projects are attendees or graduates of OSPC’s incubator program.

Edited by Matt Jensen and Jacob Chuslo