This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

AEI report on the tax benefits of parenthood. In a recent report, Alex Brill, Kyle Pomerleau and Grant Seiter (AEI) used Tax-Calculator* to analyze the budgetary, distributional, and incentive effects of tax benefits for parents under current law and recent proposals to expand those benefits. Link

AEI report on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Kieran Allsop, Jim Capretta, and Scott Ganz (AEI) used Vaccine-Flow-Model* to simulate the nationwide distribution of coronavirus vaccines under alternative scenarios. Link

“Demo Days” series at the Policy Simulation Library* (PSL) introduces contributors to the Library. In the latest PSL Demo Day, Jason DeBacker (University of South Carolina) demonstrates how users can contribute to Library projects and how they can manage their projects with source control using git and GitHub. Link

UBI Center analysis of Mitt Romney’s proposed child allowance legislation. The UBI Center released a new report on how Senator Mitt Romney’s proposed Family Security Act might affect child welfare in the US. The report highlight’s Tax-Calculator’s contribution to an analysis of the FSA done by the Niskanen Center. Link

NASA open-sources flight software for new helicopter on Mars. NASA has open-sourced the semi-autonomous flight software powering the experimental helicopter Ingenuity attached to the Perseverance Mars rover which has recently had a successful landing. Link

* These projects are attendees or graduates of OSPC’s incubator program.

Edited by Matt Jensen and Jacob Chuslo