This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

Tax-Calculator* 3.1.0 released. The Policy Simulation Library* (PSL) has released version 3.1.0 of Tax-Calculator. The latest release provides support for Python 3.9, adds functionality for using Qualified Business Income deductions for analysis and various bug fixes. Release Notes

Tax-Calculator used to analyze the American Rescue Plan. Alex Brill from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) used Tax-Calculator to analyze the effective cost of child-related tax provisions from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan over the next decade. Link

AEI researchers develop webapp to analyze the Child Tax Credit. Kyle Pomerleau, Alex Brill and Grant Seiter (AEI) have developed a new web application to explore the differences between several proposed policies for child tax credits. Link

TaxData* joins the PSL catalog. Anderson Frailey from the University of Virginia has added TaxData to the PSL Catalog. TaxData helps process microdata provided to Tax-Calculator. Link

“Demo Days” series at the PSL features Compute Studio. In the latest PSL Demo Day, Hank Doupe (Compute Studio) demonstrates how users can use Compute Studio’s API to pass reforms to multiple PSL models hosted on its platform. Link

* These projects are attendees or graduates of OSPC’s incubator program.

Edited by Matt Jensen and Jacob Chuslo