This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

Cost-of-Capital Calculator* methodology used to analyze proposed UK tax legislation. Kyle Pomerleau (AEI) and Daniel Bunn (Tax Foundation) used a methodology modified from the US Congressional Budget Office and the PSL Cost-of-Capital Calculator to analyze investment incentive effects of the UK’s new budget and tax legislation. Link

UBI Center uses Tax-Brain* to analyze the fiscal impact of UBI in California. The UBI Center released a new report which uses Tax-Calculator and Tax-Brain to estimate the budgetary impact of California’s new bill for universal basic income. Link

“Demo Days” series at the PSL* features Tax-Calculator* and Tax-Brain. In the latest Policy Simulation Library (PSL) Demo Day, Jason DeBacker (University of South Carolina) demonstrates how to use Tax-Calculator and Tax-Brain to analyze individual provisions within tax policy reforms. Link

EU-commissioned study highlights value of open-source efforts in Europe. A new report released by OpenForum Europe and commissioned by the European Union highlights the value that open-source developers bring to the European economy. The study estimates that in 2018, 260,000 open-source developers had an economic impact of $75–$115 Billion on the European economy. Link

* These projects are attendees or graduates of OSPC’s incubator program.

Edited by Matt Jensen and Jacob Chuslo