This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

AEI report on economic effects of Biden’s tax plan. In a new report, Kyle Pomerleau (AEI) and Grant Seiter (AEI) used Tax-Calculator and OG-USA to estimate the revenue, distributional, and macroeconomic effects of Joe Biden’s proposed tax policies. Link

Hoover Institution study of Biden’s proposed economic policies. Timothy Fitzgerald (Texas Tech University), Kevin Hassett (Hoover Institution), Cody Kallen (University of Wisconsin), and Casey Mulligan (University of Chicago) released a new report with the Hoover Institution using Tax-Calculator and other models to analyze the economic effects of a broad array of Biden’s proposed fiscal and regulatory policies. Link

Brookings reports on investing in open-source technology. A recent Brookings Institution article by Frank Nagle (Harvard) argues that federal investment in open-source technology is crucial for the American economy and its technological infrastructure. Nagle claims past investment in supercomputing paid significant dividends and that the government should likewise support open-source technologies. Link

Policy Simulation Library (PSL) is hosting its first demo day. The inaugural presentation will be on November 2 at 11:30 a.m. ET, with Matt Jensen (AEI) demoing how to create policy reform files for use with various PSL models. The PSL demo day series aims to introduce the public policy community to PSL’s open-source projects. PSL calendar

Edited by Matt Jensen, Peter Metz, and Jacob Chuslo