This is a periodic newsletter of the interesting things we’ve seen and what we are thinking about in open source policy analysis.

OpenFisca-UK joins the Policy Simulation Library* (PSL). Nikhil Woodruff from the UBI Center has added his OpenFisca-UK project to the PSL catalog. OpenFisca-UK is a model of the United Kingdom’s tax system based on the open-source OpenFisca platform. Link

“Demo Days” series at the PSL* features Cost-of-Capital Calculator.* In the latest PSL Demo Day, Jason DeBacker demonstrated the Cost-of-Capital Calculator using a simulation on Compute Studio. Link

UBI Center estimates the welfare effects of child allowances using open-source code. The UBI Center has released a new report analyzing the effect of child allowances on poverty and inequality within the US. The report uses open-source code to simulate and visualize the effect of monthly child allowances on the child poverty rate. Link

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) funds open-source projects. In a third cycle of funding (we discussed the second cycle in June 2020), CZI announced $4.7 million in funding for several open-source projects that the OSPC and the Policy Simulation Library rely on, including NumPy, Pandas, and Bokeh. Link

* These projects are attendees or graduates of OSPC’s incubator program.

Edited by Matt Jensen, Peter Metz, and Jacob Chuslo